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Perfect for home gardens or commercial farms, raspberries thrive in various climates and soil conditions, providing abundant harvests for fresh consumption or processing.

In the business realm, raspberries are valued for their versatility. They’re used fresh in salads, desserts, and cocktails, as well as processed into jams, sauces, and flavored syrups. This versatility ensures a lucrative market for raspberry growers of all scales.

Beyond their delicious taste, raspberries offer numerous health benefits. They’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, promoting heart health, digestion, and immune function. Regular consumption of raspberries may also help reduce inflammation and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Incorporating raspberries into one’s diet is effortless and enjoyable. Whether eaten fresh, added to baked goods or yogurt, or blended into a refreshing smoothie, raspberries provide a burst of flavor and nutrition. Their versatility makes them a delightful addition to any meal or snack, offering both taste and health benefits.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of different raspberry varieties showcased in our demo farm and Emco Cal tie-up.

Our Raspberry Variety

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Buy kokanee raspberry online bulk in India

Kokanee Raspberry


  • Primocane fruiting
  • Excellent flavor across a wide range of ripeness
  • Bright, light red and glossy color
  • Uniformly well-shaped, medium to large berries
  • High yielding
  • Great firmness
  • Very good shelf life and transportability
  • Vigorous, upright plant habit
  • Robust plant health

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  • Quality Assurance : We guarantee top-notch quality in every raspberry plant we offer. Rest assured, you’ll receive healthy and robust specimens that are ready to thrive in your garden.
  • Expertise : With years of experience in berry cultivation, our team provides expert guidance and support to help you achieve success in your raspberry farming endeavors.
  • Customer Satisfaction : Your satisfaction is our priority. Join our satisfied customers who rely on Sheel Berries for premium raspberry plants.

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Transform your garden into a haven of flavor with our premium raspberry plants. Enjoy the delight of harvesting fresh, flavorful raspberries right from your backyard.

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Unlock the potential of raspberry farming with our premium plants. Tap into the growing demand for raspberries and establish your own profitable venture.

  • Price : Our competitive pricing ensures excellent value for money, making raspberry farming accessible to all.
  • Minimum Order Quantity : Whether you’re a hobbyist or commercial grower, we cater to your needs with flexible order quantities.
  • Variety Info : Explore the unique characteristics of each raspberry variety, including yield potential, climate requirements, and more.

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