Integrated Packhouse

A service that provides a complete solution for the processing and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables is known as an integrated packhouse. The Integrated Packhouse Solution includes the following components:

An integrated pack house is a facility where horticultural produce is sorted, graded, washed, packed and stored in a hygienic and controlled environment. It helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the produce and meet the international standards for export. Sheel Biotech Limited is a leading company in the field of bio-technology, floriculture, green houses, organic adoption and certification and turnkey projects. 

It has established several integrated pack houses across India for various crops such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. We provide complete solutions for integrated pack houses, from design and engineering to installation and operation. Sheel Biotech Limited integrated pack houses are equipped with modern technology and machinery to ensure optimal handling & processing of the produce. Sheel Biotech Limited integrated pack houses also offer value-added services such as pre-cooling, cold storage, ripening chambers, controlled atmosphere storage and logistics support. Our integrated pack houses are the best choice for farmers and exporters who want to enhance their productivity and profitability in the horticulture sector.

Gama Radiation

Gama Radiation

Experience the future of pest management with our Gama Radiation Service. Gama Radiation efficiently eliminates insect pests in stored grains and field crops by inducing degenerative changes in pest cells. This eco-friendly technology is applied to specific pests, ensuring sustainable agriculture.

  • Safe and eco-friendly pest management
  • Effective control of grain weevils, Mediterranean flour moths, and more.
  • Prevents reproductive processes in targeted pests.
  • Utilises energy deposition in water molecules and genetic materials.
  • Sustainable crop protection for a healthier agricultural future

CA Cold Storage

This is a method of killing insects, germs, fungi, and other pests that may infest crops by employing gamma rays. Gama removal improves the shelf life, quality, and safety of vegetables. The produce is stored in a controlled atmosphere (CA) with low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels. CA cold storage aids in the preservation of produce’s freshness, flavor, color, and texture. Washing, peeling, cutting, slicing, dicing, grading, sorting, and other activities on produce are performed by these equipment. Processing lines contribute to the value, attractiveness, and convenience of produce. These are machines that pack produce in various packaging materials such as trays, bags, boxes, and so on. Packing machines aid in the protection of produce from damage, contamination, and moisture loss. The Integrated Packhouse Solution is a service that can assist you in meeting the demands of the local and foreign markets for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Processing lines for fruits and vegetables

Explore Sheel biotech Limited advanced fruit and vegetable processing lines, where we make good food better. Our high-tech facility offers many services, from carefully sorting and grading to cutting, blending, and packing. We are very serious about making food safe to eat. We check it a lot to make sure it’s always good. We have special places to keep things cold, so they stay fresh. We know you might want special things, so we can make food just the way you like it. Try our services, and we will make your fruits and veggies even better. We want you to succeed, and we are here to make sure you are happy with what we do.

Packing Machines

We specialise in innovative packing machine solutions designed to enhance your business performance. Our diverse range of machines caters to various industries, ensuring precision and reliability in packaging. Whether you require filling and sealing machines or labelling and capping equipment, our advanced solutions streamline production, boost output, and minimise downtime. Our expert team assists in selecting the suitable device for your specific needs, prioritising service excellence and customer satisfaction. Our machines improve performance metrics, cut costs, and enhance product appeal. Trusted by satisfied customers, we’re your partner in efficient, cost-effective packaging solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find your ideal packing machine.

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