Centre of Excellence

COE (Centre of Excellence) services are designed to promote horticulture development by showcasing the best practices and technologies for various fruits, vegetables and flowers. COE services include:

  • Consultancy, design, installation, and maintenance of COEs
  • Supply of high-quality planting material of various crops through tissue culture and hydroponics
  • Supply of greenhouses, polyhouses, net houses, shade houses, and other horticultural structures
  • Supply of drip irrigation, fertigation, climate control, automation, etc. for optimizing the productivity and quality of horticultural crops
  • Supply of training, capacity building, and market linkage support to farmers and entrepreneurs

COE services are established in collaboration with state governments, agricultural universities and cooperatives. COEs serve as demonstration and training hubs for farmers and entrepreneurs who want to learn and adopt the latest technologies in the field of horticulture.

Plug COE

Plug Type

We offer plug type, fruits, vegetables and flowers Solutions for producing high-quality seedlings of various crops. Plug type seedlings are grown in trays with individual cells filled with growing media. Sheel biotech’s plug type include:

  • Supply of high-quality seeds of various crops such as tomato, capsicum, cucumber, melon, watermelon, strawberry, gerbera, carnation, etc.
  • Supply of high-quality plug trays with different sizes and shapes
  • Supply of high-quality growing media such as coco peat, vermiculite, perlite, etc.
  • Supply of drip irrigation and fertigation systems for optimal water and nutrient management
  • Supply of climate control systems, automation systems, misting systems, etc. for optimizing the growing conditions
  • Supply of technical guidance and support for plug type seedling production
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We specialise in agricultural services, offering guidance in crop selection, management, post-harvest practices, marketing, and value addition.

  • Crop selection: We assist clients in choosing the most suitable crops.
  • Crop management: Providing quality seeds, irrigation, and pest control advice.
  • Post-harvest: Offering efficient harvesting, processing, and transportation.
  • Marketing: Aiding clients in selling their produce competitively.
  • Value addition: Helping clients process their crops into various products.
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