Sheel Biotech Limited is an industry leader in biotechnology, floriculture, greenhouses, organic adoption and certification, as well as comprehensive projects. Our laboratory for tissue culture is accredited by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, under NCS–TCP1. In addition, we have a partnership with Biotech Park (Gov. of Uttar Pradesh) for a facility in Lucknow.

We provide a variety of hortiprojects services to meet the varied requirements of our consumers. Our services comprise :



We execute construction projects for greenhouses, polyhouses, net houses, and other horticultural structures. For these initiatives, we also offer advisory, design, installation, and maintenance services. Utilising modern technologies such as drip irrigation, fertigation, climate control, automation, etc., we maximise the yield and quality of horticultural commodities.

COE (1)

Centres of excellence (COE)

We establish centres of excellence (COE) for diverse fruits, vegetables, and flowers in partnership with state governments, agricultural universities, and cooperatives. These COEs serve as demonstration and training hubs for farmers and entrepreneurs, showcasing the finest practises and technologies for horticulture development.

Integrated packhouse (1)

Integrated Packhouse

 We construct integrated packhouses for grading, sorting, washing, packaging, and storing horticultural produce. We also provide these packhouses with cold chain facilities, quality control systems, and logistics support.

Turnkey Projects (1) (1)

Turnkey Projects

We manage comprehensive projects for a variety of horticultural activities, including tissue culture, hydroponics, organic farming, floriculture, and landscaping, among others. We also offer comprehensive solutions for these initiatives, including planning, execution, and marketing.

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