We offer a wide selection of beautiful ornamental plants, including flowering varieties, succulents, bonsai, ferns, palms, and orchids to suit your preferences. We also provide seasonal ornamental plants, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty year-round. From vibrant spring blooms to lush summer growth, rich autumn hues, and evergreen winter charm, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we offer plants suitable for various locations, from balconies and terraces to gardens and patios. Our goal is to help you create a personalized, serene green space that brings joy to your life.

Rhoeo Plant Golden

Rhoeo Plant Mix

Peace lily plant

Peace lily

8 Shape Bonsai, 4 Ft.

Areca palm Plant

Areca palm Plant

Ficus Big Bonsai Net Shape

Ficus Bonsai, Grafted (5 Pcs)

Ficus Grafted 100 GM

Ficus Grafted 200 GM

Ficus Grafted 300 GM

Ficus Grafted 400/500 GM

Ficus Microcarpa Dragon

Ficus Microcarpa Dragon M

Bonsai Ginseng 750 GM/1 KG

Ficus Microcarpa (Big)

Ficus Microcarpa 3 KG/5 KG

Ficus panda, Tower shape, H2/2.2m

Ficus panda, Tower shape, H2/2.2m

Ficus S-Shape

Jade Plants Green

Jade Plants Variegated

Lucky bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo

Mini Bonsai 1 pcpot, D 3-8_

Mini Bonsai 1 pc/pot, D 3-8

Mini Bonsai 3 pcs/pot

Money Plant Golden

Money Plant Green/Variegated

Money Plant Marble Queen

Money Plant White Pothos

Money Plants

Sanseveria 3 in 1 Green

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Tri Layers Bonsai, H 170 cm

Adenium Mix Plant

Adenium Mix

Ficus Lyrata

Oxycardium Bronze

Oxycardium Golden

Oxycardium Green

Philodendron Plant


Philodendron Curly​

Philodendron Curly

Philodendron Digitata

Philodendron Imperial Red

Philodendron Lemon Lime_

Philodendron Lemon Lime

Philodendron Licenta

Philodendron Martiana

Philodendron Pluto

Philodendron Red

Philodendron Red

Philodendron Veriegated

Philodendron Veriegated

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant Bargandy/Black

Sanseveria Plant

Sanseveria Singal Golden

Sansevieria Superba

Sansevieria Superba, Golden


Syngonium Alba

Syngonium Bronze

Syngonium Green

Syngonium Light Green Online

Syngonium Light Green Online

Syngonium Pink

Syngonium Pink

Syngonium Pixi

Syngonium Plant Elegance Online

Syngonium Plant Elegance Online

Syngonium Red

Syngonium White/Butterfly

Syngonium Yami

Syngonium Yami

Syngonium Yellow/Neon

Aglaonema Mix

Anthurium Plant


Syngonium Yami

Syngonium Yami

Syngonium Yellow/Neon

ZZ Plants

5 Braids 30 CM /110 CM size plant

Ball Shape, H 80cm

Big S Shape, H 150 cm

Cycas Revoluta, 10/12CM

Cycas Revoluta, 30 / 40 CM

Cycas Revolute, 40/50/60/70CM

Dracaena Draco

Ficus Microcarpa, 3 KG/ 5 KG

Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii 2 Colors/Moon Cactus

Pachira 1 Stick, 20-25CM

Pachira 3 Stick, 25-30CM

Pachira 30 CM/45 CM/ 110 CM

Pachira Single Stem, 6/8 CM

Water Fall, H 70cm

Pachira 3 Stick, 25-30CM

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