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Rural Kokrajhar Agro Producer Company Limited, Assam

Rural Kokrajhar Agro Producer Company Limited (RKAPCL) is promoted and funded by NERAMAC in Kokrajhar block of Kokrajhar district of Assam and is promoted by Sheel Biotech Limited (CBBO). The key objectives of promoting RKAPCL are:

  • To enhance the productivity of agricultural activities in the cluster through efficient, cost effective, and sustainable resource use and realize higher returns through better liquidity and market linkages for their produce and become sustainable through collective action.
  • To provide holistic and broad-based supportive ecosystem to facilitate development of vibrant and sustainable income-oriented farming and for overall socio-economic development and wellbeing of agrarian communities.
  • To build capacity of board members, CEO, Accountant, and progressive farmers of RKAPCL on agriculture entrepreneurship skills to become economically viable and self-sustaining beyond the period of support from government.
  • To provide handholding and support to RKAPCL up to 5 years from the year of creation in all aspects of management of institution, inputs, production, processing and value addition, market linkages, credit linkages and use of technology etc.
Data of Rural Kokrajhar Agro Producer Company Limited
Date of Registeration
22th September 2021
Sheel Biotech Limited
Shareholder Farmers (Nos)
Total no. of shareholders : 750
Small Farmers : 203
Marginal Farmers : 399
Landless Farmers : 148
Tenant Farmers : 0
State Category
Hilly Area
Share Capital
Rs. 22.42 lakh
1. Shareholders’ equity contribution: Rs. 15 lakh
2. Matching equity grant received under CSS 10,000 FPOs: Rs. 6.62 Lakh
Business Activities
Rs. 5,75,545/- Lakh of business transaction done so far
1. Sale and Marketing of Lentil
2. Marketing of Black Pepper
Area of Success
1. Raising of equity worth Rs. 15 Lakhs through collection of share capital from farmers.
2. Mobilization of Third FPO management cost.
3. Initiation of input supply and aggregation and marketing of farmers produce including Lentils and Black Pepper.
4. The FPO under Institutional Convergence initiative of CBBO has been allotted one Custom Hiring center worth Rs 35 lakh from Deptt. Of Agriculture, Govt. of Assam.
Board of Directors
1 Women Directors
9 Male Directors

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